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Sloan Flushometer Repair and Replacement Parts

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It's a no-brainer that the most effective way to reduce water usage is by minimizing leaks and water loss. Although Sloan flushometers are highly engineered devices, they can be damaged by routine wear and tear or misuse.

Toilet parts like valves, flappers, spuds, seats, and other flush mechanisms have to reach specific quality standards to meet the rigorous demands of Sloan flushometers.

From replacement flappers to complete flushometers, Sloan has everything you need to keep your Royal and Royal II toilets fully functioning without spending hefty amounts.

However, like most mechanical systems, the flushometer assembly will still require regular maintenance to ensure a steady flow of water without risks.

Common Sloan Flushometer Parts

The flushing mechanism on a Sloan flushometer is made of brass, which is susceptible to corrosion over time. You can change some parts if they become damaged, such as the tailpiece O-ring.

Some parts like the vacuum breaker may be harder to replace because they require specific tools you should not use if you aren't an expert.

You may end up damaging the flushometer. If you are unsure about what part is broken on your flushometer, check with a professional before ordering any replacement flushometer part.

The available flushometer parts are the vacuum breaker repair kit, tailpiece O-ring, dual filter diaphragm assembly, and the plastic inside cover. The vacuum breaker repair kit is the most commonly replaced part on flushometer valves.

You can easily remove it by unscrewing four screws with a screwdriver turned counter-clockwise.

Troubleshooting Sloan Flushometer Problems

Although it's easy to find Sloan parts, you need to know what you're looking for. First, look at the type of part that you need. Do you need a handle repair kit? Or maybe a vacuum breaker repair kit? Next, you have to consider what part of the fixture is broken or damaged. Commonly, this is the inside cover.

You can find this part easily because it is usually made of plastic. This piece may also be called a backflow preventer or an internal float valve seat.

If your tailpiece is leaking, you'll likely need a new O-ring repair kit. If it isn't functioning correctly, you must replace it since it keeps water in the pipes when the fixture isn't in use.

If there is a leak around your flushometer, water could be seeping into your walls and foundation. To stop this from happening and protect your home, you should install a new tailpiece O-ring as soon as possible.