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Sloan Flushometers

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Sloan is well-known for its flushometers and being a global pioneer in plumbing technology. As the need for global water conservation becomes more urgent, high-efficiency toilets and urinals are becoming more popular. We make it simple to choose a toilet or urinal, from a quiet manual flush to the increasingly popular sensor-driven ones.

Troubleshooting a Sloan Flush Valve

An exposed nut on the fitting connects a Sloan valve to the piping and opens and closes a control valve. This valve is usually closed if the flush valve doesn't operate or supplies too little water for a flush. The relief valve is not seated correctly if the flush takes too long.

Key Features of Sloan Flushometers

  • The vandal-resistant stop cap protects the product's integrity.
  • Flush volumes start as low as 1.6 gpf (6.0 lpf), with CID technology controlling flush accuracy and increasing water efficiency.
  • The ADA-compliant, non-hold-open handle helps conserve water by preventing the toilet from flushing more than the required amount.


  1. What is the difference between a Sloan Royal and a Sloan Regal?
    A twin filtered bypass and Permex components are used in a Sloan Royal. There is no bypass on the Sloan Regal to capture or distribute debris.
  2. What is the difference between a flushometer and a flush valve?
    A flushometer is a metering valve for commercial toilets and urinals. A flush valve is a component of a tank-style toilet.
  3. How does a Sloan valve operate?
    A Sloan valve equalizes the pressure in the chambers above and below the diaphragm. The water will continue to flow until the upper section is full.
  4. What is a "dual flush" valve?
    A dual flush valve is a flush valve variation that allows the user to choose between flushing with the maximum quantity of water allowed or flushing with less water.