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Elkay Drinking Fountains, Water Coolers & Bottle Fillers

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Elkay drinking fountains are hands-free water solutions that meet facility specifications and requirements of hospitality, multifamily, healthcare, office, retail, education, commercial facilities, and municipality.

We provide a wide range of Elkay water coolers, bottle filling stations, indoor and outdoor drinking fountains. Additionally, individuals can also choose from various available remote chillers and water dispensers. All these products observe the child and adult ADA requirements. They also include water filters.

With the enhanced EZH2O, you can now serve colleagues and guests with healthier and cleaner water. The new sustainable filtered water dispenser also allows commercial spaces to accommodate their extra capacity, including conference rooms and lobbies.

Elkay Water Filters

Elkay filters are carbon activated to provide great tasting and cleaner water, which also helps reduce most contaminants like lead. Also, all WaterSentry filter models are verified to reduce Class 1 particulate, odor, taste, lead, and chlorine. Elkay has self-contained easy-to-replace filter cartridges, thus limiting any contamination.

How to Replace a Water Filter

  1. Open the underside screws of the cooler to remove the lower cover.
  2. Then cut off the water supply and relieve pressure by dispensing water through the bottle filler or the bubbler.
  3. To remove the filter, make a quarter turn in the clockwise direction and remove its filter head.
  4. Then insert your new filter into the filter head and remember to turn it anticlockwise.
  5. Once you make sure that the filter head is secured in place, turn on the water supply. Also, to get rid of any carbon and air particles, be sure to run water through the inserted filter, ideally about two gallons.
  6. Remember to replace the underside cooler cover.

Filter Lights Explained

Elkay water dispensers have LED lights to indicate the status of the water filters. Be sure to look for the following filter indications to know whether the water is safe. If you see a flashing red LED light, it's a sign of improper filter installation or issues with the unit. Be sure to reinstall the filter and also check the user manual guidelines.

  • Red LED: It's time to replace the filter
  • Yellow LED: 20% to 1% of filter life left
  • Green LED: 100% to 21% of filter life left

With Elkay water filters, you can run about 3,000 gallons of water. However, it's also important to note that the filter's lifespan usually depends on the water condition. For safe drinking water, we recommend a filter replacement every year. When it's time to change your ezH2O water filters, be sure to contact us. We deliver within the shortest time possible and at an affordable price.

Provide your guests with cleaner and healthier hydration by having Elkay's hands-free, sensor-activated drinking fountains and water coolers.