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Viega ProPress

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Viega ProPress products are safe, cost-effective, and dependable solutions projects across all sectors. Viega ProPress in copper and stainless steel come in different materials, sizes, and shapes to fit various applications. Stainless-steel ProPress systems can tolerate severe industrial conditions when they get exposed to harsh chemicals. Also, they come in two grades, 316 and 304, suitable for potable water applications and corrosive substances.

Viega MegaPress systems are perfect for hydronic and gas applications. Viega MegaPress eliminates the need for flames, connecting materials, and heavy equipment. You can install Viega MegaPress fittings without closing down the entire system.

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Designed for Safety

Viega's patented Smart Connection innovation helps you ensure you've tightened all connections by testing the water pressure.

Easy Installation

Unlike conventional methods, ProPress fittings are simple to install. You don't have to change the wall's thickness to get a successful connection. You can press copper press fittings with or without specialized or fire protection gear.


Viega has over 600 fittings in different sizes, shapes, and materials. You can use these products for numerous applications, such as cold water, mechanical and plumbing installations.